100 years from now

31 Mar

Look into the future, what do you see? Underwater cities? Hover cars? Social harmony?

This is exactly the challenge that we posed to the SoundShoots community; to create a new music demo of any description about your vision of life in 100 years time.

As ever, this challenge catalysed a wonderful array of new creativity, including “100 years (I came to dream)” by UK electronica act Kiss The Beauty. 

What we admire so much about this piece is the intense, yet accessible, sense of angst that pulsates through the track. Kiss The Beauty deliver powerful lines of spoken word together with escalating electronic rhythms that evoke a great sense of frustration that  human beings are still not learning to harmonise, leading to “the desecration of love” and “the death of the innocent”.

Speaking about his track, KTB front man Mike Waring told us…

“I really enjoyed this challenge as it was a chance for my angst to come out! The theme seemed to lend itself to a lyric poem.  However, the track didn’t start out that way. Once I’d created the music track I experimented with a few spoken lines and it grew from there. I love that about Soundshoots – it gives me a chance to experiment.

The poem itself was sparked by words written by the Scottish author, Iain Banks, not long before his death. In the music track itself the brass became the punctuation in the piece. I wanted the music to drive on and develop throughout. I was happy that the music and words ended up playing off each other nicely too. It was getting pretty late on in the day when I finished the track so I was pleasantly surprised and happy that the recording of the poem over the track was done first take, straight through!”

Will life in 100 years time be full of angst and fear? We hope not! But either way, the strength of Kiss The Beauty’s creativity is undeniable.

Head to http://www.soundshoots.com/explore/theme/78/track/957/ to enjoy KTB’s powerful creation!


Click the link to enjoy Kiss The Beauty's track

Click the link to enjoy Kiss The Beauty’s track


– Oliver



Just one little hour…

7 Mar

It’s fair to say that an hour of time usually passes by pretty quickly. Whether it’s hanging out with friends, working on a new project or listening to a playlist of music, before you know it another hour has come and gone.

So when we challenged the SoundShoots community to create a brand new piece of music within just one hour we didn’t know what to expect! However, as ever, the creativity that spawned from this challenge was stunning.

Our pick of the ‘1 hour’ tracks is an inventive creation from Malaysian producer Windranzer with his track “Free Jammers”. What really caught our attention is the concept of Free Jammers – a track that provides you with a fly-on-the-wall experience of a band making use of their hour of time in a rehearsal room.

Windranzer, aka Adam Jong from Sabah, tells us about the thinking behind his creation…

“1 hour is always the unit of time for bookings, which I mostly relate to either booking a badminton court or a jamming studio. Even if there are no up coming performances I love to book an hour or two just to jam with my band members. Sometimes, it’s just me on the bass and a drummer, doing some instrumental duets.

It’s awesome when there are few close friends who jam together often and really understand each others’ playing style. Since SoundShoots is a platform that I can create and express my own little dream, why not just make it come true? Picturing the image just got me excited, each of us walking into the jamming room, setting up, getting prepared and doing some spontaneous jamming before practising for real.

I enjoy working with good musicians doing free music, blending well with each other musically and exchanging solos to show what we really have. I’ve never had that experience with a full band, but SoundShoots just gave me a taste of it, thanks!”

Click the image below to enjoy Windranzer’s imaginative creation and why not discover what you can create in one hour? Give it a try!


Click the image to enjoy “Free Jammers”…

Moving to the city

19 Feb

In this post we celebrate a superb piece of creativity on SoundShoots that explores the contrasts between rural and urban life.

What’s fascinating about “City Smile” by new SoundShooter Trotfox is that he’s created an urban soundscape that evokes the type of peace and serenity that’s native to the countryside. This approach sheds a whole new light on urban life, showing that the city is not just a grey landscape with and an unrelenting energy, but with the right perspective you can discover a slower, more beautiful side of the urban jungle.

Trotfox, aka Josh Levontine from Exeter, UK, explains the process behind his track…

“Having only recently moved to a city from the farm where I grew up, I’m freshly reflective of the nuances of urban life in comparison to life amongst the trees and grass of the countryside – the boundaries put up to accommodate cramped lifestyles, the vast wells of human history trodden into the concrete.

While creating this piece I focused on the similarities between the two lifestyles, wanting to portray the parallels between city and nature: The breathy synths evoking the breeze winding through streets, the horn beckoning the sunrise over a cityscape, the birdsong cutting across the rumble of motors to perch on the high frequencies.”

Click the image below to explore Trotfox’s beautiful ambient creation…


Click the image to explore “City Smile” by Trotfox

More than anything, “City Smile” is a powerful demonstration of perspective – whether it be finding serenity in the city or taking positivity from a gloomy situation, life is whatever you make of it.

We thank Trotfox for demonstrating this so beautifully!

– Oliver

Live your dreams with Good Story

22 Jan

This week we enjoyed meeting Good Story, a fantastic local charity that support young entrepreneurs in the creative sector.

Good Story provide free mentoring and funding opportunities to promising young entrepreneurs that have the drive to develop their dreams into flourishing creative enterprises. The charity has been running for around a year and they have already helped a diverse range of new creative start-ups from guitar manufactures to new clothing labels!

The reason that Good Story is so close to SoundShoots’ heart is that the general level of support for creative enterprise in the UK is poor. At a young age we’re all encourage to dream, only to be forced to snap out of it and go get a ‘proper’ job when the time comes to get out into the world. This attitude is not only extremely sad but completely wrong. It takes a huge amount of guts, determination, sacrifice and substance to get a creative enterprise off the ground and so we should be helping young talent bring their exciting ideas to life. After all, creative enterprises make the world a better place – they enrich our lives with colour, sound, craft and joy.

So what can we do to help? In addition to finding new young creative entrepreneurs from the East of England that could benefit from the charity, Good Story are constantly on the lookout for more business/enterprise mentors and are always very welcoming of new donations in order to support the next generation of creative enterprise.

With this in mind we hope you enjoy exploring and sharing the Good Story site with your friends, family and colleagues and we thank you in advance for any support that you’re able to offer.

good story

Click the image to explore Good Story!

Come on people, let’s breathe new live into creative enterprise!

– Oliver

A fantastic 2013!

20 Dec

2013 has been a wonderful year of creativity on SoundShoots:  A  wave of exciting new music has been inspired, new people have been welcomed into the community and the project has grown!

The Community

The SoundShoots community has grown to 450 creative individuals this year- a diverse collective of music makers and music listeners who each add a different dimension to the community.

A diverse community on SoundShoots!

Click the image to join the SoundShoots community for free

SoundShoots.com engaged 4,000 individual visitors across 77 countries in 2013! The countries that engaged most with SoundShoots this year were…

  1. UK
  2. USA
  3. Malaysia
  4. Switzerland
  5. Canada

The Creativity

2013 was a fantastic year for new creativity on SoundShoots. A  diverse range of new music was created in response to themes such as ‘Memory’, ‘Rage’, ‘Blue’, ‘Hunted’ and ‘Science Fiction’ . Here are some quick stats about the music on SoundShoots in 2013…

  • 300 tracks were created and uploaded to the site in total
  • Over 9,000 individual track plays were counted
  • Windranzer created the highest number of tracks, an incredible 22 original compositions!
  • Darren John Kentell’s “Dance track” attracted the most track plays with 308 plays to date
  •  The most popular theme was ‘Homesick’, which inspired 27 new pieces of music.
Theme collage

Click the image to explore the tracks that have been inspired by the SoundShoots themes!

The Crowd funding

A huge thank you to the 23 people that backed the SoundShoots crowd funding campaign over the summer by purchasing limited edition “Life” CDs and SoundShoots headphones!

album 1 - Copy

The campaign raised £427, which contributed to the continued development of the platform.

New learning

A special thanks goes out to the Music Business School and the Rise Business circle for their parts in furthering SoundShoots’ understanding of the music industry and developing SoundShoots’ business potential. It has been a pleasure working with you both this year; the learning never stops!



Here’s to a breakthrough 2014!!

Towards the end of 2013 we began presenting SoundShoots  to public audiences and potential investors, most noticeably at the UKTI’s CIDFO event and at Music TechPitch 4.5 where SoundShoots was thrilled to win the audience vote for the most exciting new music tech start-up!

SoundShoots at Music TechPitch 4.5, Shoreditch

SoundShoots at Music TechPitch 4.5, Shoreditch

We passionately believe that SoundShoots has the potential to grow into one of the world’s most vibrant, creative and thriving music communities. With your continued support and energy, SoundShoots will get the backing that the community deserve.

Thank you for your terrific support this year and we wish you all a superb 2014!

2013-08-11 16-23-27.508 - Copy

Best wishes from Oliver – SoundShoots founder.

Breaking out of the box

12 Dec

Human beings are creatures of habit; we feel safe and satisfied by living our lives under familiar rules, routines and rhythms. However, there is a whole other universe beyond this safe ‘box’ that we create for ourselves – a great plethora of imagination and dreams that serve to enrich our lives.

This notion of ‘breaking outside the box’ is beautifully explored  by SoundShooter Sir T One and his track “Lost in Space”.  Sir T One, aka Swiss music producer Olivier, developed the narrative of “Lost in Space” as a consequence of responding the to the ‘Science Fiction’ theme on SoundShoots, using Space as a metaphor for the dark and lifeless atmosphere of the box. As Olivier explains, there is a whole universe of imagination outside of this box to explore…

“The song was inspired by the idea that human beings so often close their minds with rationality and rules from which to feel secure, by a fear for the unknown. But beyond this box there is a huge universe of  imagination and free thoughts. Sometimes we open our minds to this universe; the box cracks and we create, we express our emotions. Nevertheless, the attraction of rationality is strong and take us back to the box.

The box is symbolized by a dark and strained atmosphere and the dissonances in the accordion track. The universe of imagination is symbolized by the epic atmosphere and a lot of voices, 7 vocal tracks in total.  

The lyrics are…

stranger, get out of your mind

you are not awake

They are sung by the universe to tell the man to break the fences that he built for himself with rationality, distorting his perception of reality, as a dream. He has to wake up, to open up.

Technically, the composition began with a guitar riff and a story. Then Pamela Macconi came to the studio, listened to the riff and wanted to sing on it. I told her the story and the emotions of the song and she created a vocal, which we recorded. At the time we finished it, Lionel Delaloye arrived with his accordion. Once again I told him what was the song about and I guided him through the dynamic of “Lost in Space”. One shot to find the the track and a second to record it and it was done. After that I  just played with the instrumental and vocal tracks and mixed it with the feelings they brought.

This song was composed in the same way as the story it tells – we just opened up. The two musicians opened up on my world and brought their personality and I opened up on what they could bring. Everything was set up freely, almost magically.

I really want to thank you Pamela and Lionel, without them this song would have never existed”

Click the image below to explore “Lost in Space” – a powerful message, a freely constructed piece of art and a captivating piece of music…


Click the image to explore “Lost in Space” by Sir T One

We love your work Sir T one, your art  inspires us to get out of our comfort zone and explore new ideas; to break out of the box.

SoundShoots Legend

6 Dec

In this post we celebrate a true legend of the SoundShoots community.

Windranzer, aka Adam Jong from Sabah in Malaysia, has been actively engaged with SoundShoots since before SoundShoots.com was even launched, creating a track for our very first ‘Waves’ theme back in early 2012.

Since then, Adam has created and uploaded a staggering 42 original compositions to SoundShoots, racking up 2,334 track plays and 4 number one tracks, as rated by the community.

But what of the man behind the legend? Well, in an interview with Adam, we found out…

Q: What is your background in music making and what type of music do you enjoy creating?

Adam: I started in a band as a keyboardist, and got really interested in song arrangement. I spent some effort exploring software that allowed me to experiment with different song arrangements, thus leading to making my own music. I enjoy creating peaceful and calm instrumentals (mostly piano songs) that helps one to relax and de-stress. 

Q: What initially attracted you to SoundShoots?

Adam: I am attracted to SoundShoots since it’s an online platform that I can contribute my pieces to without being physically present at a specific venue, which allows me to create music any time in my own room (a very convenient environment for students). Plus, the concept is pretty interesting in that it allows me to create any style of music with a provided theme. The challenge is that it forces me to brainstorm and think deeper into music making.

Q: What has been your favourite theme so far?

Adam: My favourite theme is ‘Rainforest’, one of the earlier themes on SoundShoots. As I grow up in the Borneo island (a tropical climate), it’s a very intimate theme where images and feelings flow into me, not just as a general idea of the rainforest, but as a lot of personal experiences and memories. It is one of the themes that I felt very excited about before and after making the track.

Q: Which track are you most proud of?

Adam: The track that I would always recommend people to listen to (although not a perfect one) is ‘1000 Strangers’ for the theme ‘Metropolis’. It’s a very true feeling that I experience everyday, we walk in and out running errands in a big city, passing by and meeting thousands of strangers, but the only interactions are human-machine interactions. I’ve applied several familiar machine sounds into the track, accompanying the music track that emphasizes loneliness. I just love this track.

Q: Has there been a highlight during your time as a SoundShoots user so far?

Adam: In fact, there are several. I started off treating SoundShoots as a practice for me to improve my music making, but never could I imagine that the director (Mr Oliver) would personally write me e-mails of encouragement and appreciation. I admit I still have a lot to learn in music making, thus, being rated no.1 in a SoundShoots theme means a lot to me, that my effort has finally been recognize. I am also greatly pleased when my friends actually send me messages telling me that they visited my SoundShoots profile and they like the tracks.

Q: What have you got most out of engaging with SoundShoots?

Adam: One thing for sure is that I’ve improved my music making and keyboard playing, it provides me with the opportunity to experiment with different music styles and develop it. Besides that, I get to see a deeper side of myself that I have never discovered. I never thought I could come up with certain musical ideas, I actually found most of the interesting ideas whilst free-playing (just letting the music in you flow). This is my first time being so passionate and serious in something, as I still have the luxury of time and commitment, I would really love to exercise this perseverance of mine. 

There’s a huge respect for Adam amongst the SoundShoots community, a dedicated and enthusiastic music maker whose consistent and meaningful contributions to SoundShoots.com mean a great deal.

Click the image below to explore Adam’s tracks; the sound behind a legend of the community…


Click the image to explore Windranzer’s incredible repertoire on SoundShoots